Being a carer

Hi everybody, my name is Fahmida and carer for my older sister. I have been carer since my mid-teens to now. My older sister has severe mental health issues with depressive and anxiety disorder. She has been diagnosed when she was 17 and began at 14. She is 26 years old and is part time university student. My older sister is fully self aware of her condition and supports me with helping her condition, I mostly support her with emotional and physical needs when her mental health is goes really bad and needs extra assistance. Now, she is really weak and unwell as because she starting to deal with issues and trauma she has been avoiding for past 10 years. I want advice on how to encourage her to develop good habits and coping mechanism to better assist like personal hygiene, grooming, encouraging her to open about her feelings to people about her life and past etc. We have applied for PPI and waiting for a decision to come through so I can apply for carer allowance also apply for carer grant as while

Hi Fahmida,
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A good place for information is here