Newbie Carer.

Hi all.

I’m a carer for my younger sister (10 years difference). She’s had issues since she was a young teen. Now 21. She’s had 5 major suicide attempts and countless superficial attempts.

She is currently struggling and it’s hard to motivate her. She lays in bed staring at the ceiling. I’ve dealt with this for years and managed. But this time (her attempt was an overdose of my own medication December/January 2021). This one has killed me. I feel lifeless. Depressed. A disappointment at work because I’m not keeping on top of things like I use too.

I’m a mental health nurse in the community. I’m struggling to show my own compassion at the moment. But I have to keep going and pushing. It’s part of my personality. I just don’t know what else to do. How do people cope with this long term. She’s into her adulthood but still struggling, especially with things like change or a new job. We are also moving.

I feel guilty, sad, alone.

Given your job talk to your employers, ask them what to do, you are in the best possible position not just to get care for your sister, but to make things better for others too.

I’m in a completely different field. I work with psychosis not depression or emotional Dsyregulation.

Hi Rebekah, welcome to the forum

I’m sorry to hear about the situation with your sister. Just to let you know that the Carer Support team have sent you an email, I hope you find it helpful.

Best wishes


Whilst you may work in a “different field” surely you have access to others who can help and support you?
Do you not have a counselling or HR team?