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Hello everyone,

I am new to CarersUk and would like to get to know you guys better and maybe make friends as well. I been carer since I was in early teens and continues doing it in my 20’s along with my siblings being joint carers for my parents with heart disease lupus and sister who is carer as well with severe health issues.

From Fahmida

Fahmida, welcome to the forum.
How old are your parents? How many hours do you spend caring for them?
I am always concerned when someone your age comes to the forum, because your twenties should be a time for fun, laughter, exploring the world, building a career, and meeting someone you hope to spend the rest of your life with. Incredibly difficult or impossible when looking after people with high care needs.
Are they both claiming disability benefits?
Do you have any guaranteed time off to do whatever you want?
I know parents always want their children, and no one else, to care for them, but it’s not fair on you to sacrifice your young life, those years never come again.
Hopefully, we can help you find a way forward.

Hi Fahmida

What outside help do you receive as a family. Are you connected to any carers groups.

Hi Fahmida,

I’m also in my 20s, been a carer for my mother since the age of eight. Welcome to the forum and hope you find comfort on this platform. Everyone’s really great and helpful :slight_smile:

My inbox is always open, feel free if you want to just have a chat. x