Assistance with live in care, struggling to keep client safe


I am new to professional care and my current role is 24 hour live in care for an elder individual who is has complication with their brain.
I’m struggling to keep them safe, every time I try and talk them down to prevent them from doing something it doesn’t end well, at times they will begin to push and shove me and other times I’ve had to hold onto items and then they try to wrestle my grip away. I’ve been reporting the incidents were physical troubles happen to my manager and I’m just lost on how to avoid phyiscal contact.
I accept I’ve failed to handle the situations correctly.

This is a forum for unpaid family carers I’m afraid.

However, you should not be left on your own with a physically aggressive patient.

You need to request further training, the current situation is neither fair nor safe for neither you nor the client.

The client should have a risk assessment/ risk reduction plan that stipulates the sort of behaviour the client can display and how you should respond to de-escalate the situation.

You need to insist on an urgent meeting with your manager.

The members of this forum are all caring for family members or friends. A few do paid care work in addition to this. However, we don’t have the remit to advice employed carer workers.