Application for Carers allowence

Hello. We keep saying we will get round to asking about what I’m finally going to ask.

Right Iv been disabled for around 16 years when a triple bypass did not turn out as they told me. It would give me a new lease on life they said. I’d be a new man they said. And for the first 2 months it felt that I was getting better then total reversal and Iv been as bad and now after 16 years have gone gradually down hill with these last two years being really bad and my problems have got worse quicker and not just my heart but my back my legs and my sanity have all been affected.
The thing is Iv been on DLA till early this year and no matter how we tried I only got low care. But high mobility. And I’m one of these don’t fix if it’s not broken. So I looked at it like we was getting something so why rock the boat. Then last year the PIP got in touch and wow what a experience that was the young woman lied through her teeth with how I was at the face to face. And even said I presented well when my own wife is for ever telling me to have a wash or a spray and why do you wear clothes for weeks on end. So to say I was well presented was criminal to say the least

Anyway she said in her recommendation that I should not get it but the DM decided otherwise.
So I was awarded full mobility and the low care which was middle and made it so my wife who does everything for me when I let her or don’t act up or sit crying in my bed which is my safe place.

So in effect we can now apply for the Carers allowance. And have been going to do it since I was awarded PIP in January. And we have been through the form it’s just my wife hates face to face. And we don’t know what else has to be done other than to fill in the form on line. So this was to ask anyone if they can tell us the procedure as to how and what actually happens and what do we/she have to do after the form is filled in please? Any help greatly appreciated

Best regards A & C.

PS when do we put the date as to when she was caring for me do I put it to 16 years ago or from when we got PIP. Thank you

There is no face to face for Carers Allowance.
If you meet the criteria for eligibility it’s paid. Simple as that. So get on and sort it out as soon as possible, backdated to the PIP date.’s%20Allowance%20can%20generally%20be,backdated%20further%20than%20three%20months.

When to claim

Carer’s Allowance can generally be backdated for up to three months before the date you submit your claim, so long as you meet the conditions for this period.

However, there is an exception where Carer’s Allowance can get backdated further than three months. If you claim Carer’s Allowance within three months of the person you care for getting a decision about their qualifying disability benefit, then Carer’s Allowance can get paid back up to the date the qualifying disability benefit was awarded from (as long as you meet the Carer’s Allowance conditions for the whole period).

You need to ask for Carer’s Allowance to be backdated on the claim form, it will not be backdated automatically.

Hello thank you for the information. She/ have qualified for years as she does so much morning , afternoon, evening and through the night time as well. I got the PIP AWARD In January

So on the question where they ask what date have they needed this help from do I put the date when he got the pip lower care and high mobility. Or do I put it as long as Iv been doing it but could not flame due to being on DLA low care? Thank you

Regards Cath

As long as possible, then they can decide, but get the form in asap!