Carers allowance stopped

My carers allowance didnt go into my bank today, no warning! My wife who im caring for has re-applied for her pip which ends on 14/02/2019. She got a full payment on 06/02/2019 and was told she would get something smaller paid in march. If wifes pip is successful do i have to make a new claim and wait several months? :frowning:

Hi Frank.

I pinched a reply from the SCOPE forum that covers this.

Backdating carers allowance/element — Scope | Disability forum

( Covers the situation under Universal Credit but should mirror the " Old Money " system. )

Fresh CA claim appears to be the answer ( As PIP technically stopped ).

Will be back dated to the day on which PIP was granted.

A telephone call to the Carers Unit for confirmation ?

0800 731 0297

Sounds like a right pain, Frank.

I don’t know they expect people to survive whilst they are reprocessing PIP and Carer’s allowance.

When did your wife first get her PIP award, ie how long until they wanted her to reapply? (I’m asking as S had to move from DLA to PIP, it doesn’t feel long ago, and we are still in the process of dealing with UC and work capability…I don’t think I could cope with redoing the PIP alongside this.)


She was on full rate dla, moved to pip, given nothing, on appeal she got about 220 a month, renewal sent in about month ago as pip ends 14th feb. Carers didnt even send letter to say end date.