A little advice please Re carers allowance

Hi. Firstly I apologise for my first post being an ask…

In short… I’ve been my wife’s carer for some years. In that time I’ve never asked for help or sought benefits for doing so… One of the reasons especially over the last two years is our fear of rocking the boat. By that I mean my wife is/was on DLA but now we have notification that this is to end and PIP must be claimed for. We decided that we would leave things alone until that day arrived when the by us feared and dreaded day arrived.

I was advised by my doctor to apply for carers allowance quite some time ago but as based on the above never did.

My wife suffers from a spinal injury which has resulted in Fibromyalgia . She has chronic pain and has very limited mobility. On a good day she can get out of bed without help on a bad day no chance. I have to get up during the night to help her to the loo most nights at least twice. She cannot walk without pain nor function without pain. She has awful panic attacks requiring attention. Depression is a by product of the prior mentioned … Her cocktail of drugs frightens me it really does.

I’m 62 now and a chronic diabetic but though I’m well enough I no longer work due to my wife’s needs at home. Because we live out in the country even part time work would be challenging to say the least.

I’ve worked all my life from the age of 15 and I feel now is the time to ask for a little help. To be honest I’m worried sick over the situation I/we are in.

I’m looking for advice as to if I can claim and how to go about it. I’m dyslexic so I may get a wee bit confused…

Thank you.

Hi Charlie.

Fairly straightforward.

DLA / PIP … both gateways to Carers Allowance … apply now … can be done online :

Carer's Allowance: Make a claim - GOV.UK

Don’t forget to request said CA to be backdated :



If you were entitled to Carer’s Allowance before the date you claimed it, you can ask for it to be backdated for up to three months.

If getting Carer’s Allowance means you can get a means-tested benefit because you qualify for carer premium, you should claim the benefit when you claim Carer’s Allowance.

On the caring front , what help are you getting from your Local Authority ?

Two links for you … NEEDS and CARERS ASSESSMENTS … if new to you , strongly recommend you to explore :
Getting a social care needs assessment - NHS

Carer's assessment | Carers UK

A real post lottery when it comes to waiting times !

Feel free to bounce anything else off us here on this forum.

DLA will not stop until a decision has been made for PIP. So wipe that brow.
There can be a tenancy to put the fear of god into us re : transferring to PIP.
Just get together all your information i.e. doctors /consultations include medical aids and put it in order.
There is a criteria list for PIP that is different to DLA.
Start now to write a daily log of event/s appointments(medication) and care etc. Build a picture of your daily helping your wife.


All will fall in to place.

Thank you for the reply…

We get no help from authority… If I’m honest I didn’t know we could. I do pretty much everything and am :open_mouth: proud to do so… :open_mouth:
Shopping for me is horrendous so Adsa deliveries is a god send. Cooking I do with expert advice from the gaffer. Housework again I do and don’t mind. My ironing is nowt to be proud of though…

I’m completely ignorant about means testing ? Is carers allowance means tested ? We have very moderate savings but not a lot. Our income is minimal apart from the DLA which really helps and is appreciated.

Thank you to all who have replied. I really do appreciate it…


If I’m honest I didn’t know we could. I do pretty much everything and am > :open_mouth: > proud to do so.

Sounds like me some 20 years ago … and , just like you , I did everything as well … and paid a high price for doing so !

CA means tested ?

NO … even a millionaire could claim it !

NEEDS & CARERS assessments ?


Male pride counts for nothing in CarerLand … although it does choke one to even think about swallowing it !

You know where we are … don’t lose the address !!!

Hi Charlie,

Welcome to the forum. Everyone able to work pays National Insurance so that if you can’t work, you will have support. Everyone hopes they will never need it of course, but some people get the “short straw”. It’s not charity money, you’ve paid in and have a right to claim when needed, just like care insurance.

Firstly, can I check that you wife is receiving the maximum care component, and the mobility component, of DLA?
Carers Allowance is NOT means tested.

YOUR health and wellbeing is really important, and Social Services should support you to keep well - so ask for a Carers Assessment asap, and your wife should have her Needs Assessment, to see what aids and or services they can provide.

Do you use a dishwasher, a tumble dryer? I couldn’t be without mine. Has your wife tried a mobility scooter?

I’m in the New Forest, not that remote, but no proper bus service. I’ve had times after surgery when I haven’t been allowed to drive. VERY frustrating.

Hi… Yes we have a dishwasher but I still do it by hand.

Pride… Mmm Well the both of us particularly me are guilty of that standing in the way.

I worked solidly since leaving school at the age of 15 . When my wife suffered her injury I carried on for as long as I could finally throwing in the towel a few years ago. I’ve never claimed any dole or sickness benefits . My wife has a small pension from her work. I have an even smaller one. It’s tight but the roof hasn’t fallen in.

This changeover from DLA to PIP is a worry but we have to deal with it. It has however prompted me to seek some help so maybe it could turn out for the best.

Thank you all again.

Your welcome.

I’ve never claimed any dole or sickness benefits.

Monies available to you in return for all taxes you have paid during your lifetime.

As previously stated …
A carers assessments is much needed. This could also instigate if you wish a joint assessment.
Information from as many other health professional is really helpful.
Has there been a recent visit from a O/T etc.

We’ve never had a visit from an O/T. Never asked for one as we just manage. We’ve buried our heads in the sand since my wife was given a lifetime DLA award… Sorry if my terminology is incorrect. We just thought leave sleeping dogs lie as it seemed the peaceful option. Daft I know but that’s what we’ve done.

I don’t know what a carers assessment is to be honest. Sorry.


PIP like lots of professionals information/ when last see etc which it up to date.

I think it perhaps time your wife had a social worker. Don’t be alarm they can be very useful.

We have decided to visit my wife’s doctor. My wife had a nasty panic attack last night which I believe was brought on by the worry over this change to PIP… Her doctor has always been supportive but we don’t wish to burden her.

My wife feels the telephone call to the DWP will be something she can’t manage. So maybe contacting someone like DIAL might help ? We’re wondering if DWP will talk to a third party acting on her behalf ? If of course that is something we can ask of them ? Completely unsure .

We have in the past had to dial 999 when the more acute panic attacks hit. We are of a generation who do not do it lightly but anyone who has witnessed one of these episodes will I’m sure testify how worrying it can be. The whole thing is worrying me to death if I’m honest.

Charlie … some advice ?

Take your self and wife down to the nearest CAB office for help in making an application … add on those
assessments … to delay any further will cost you both monies … and time … before outside help finally
… hopefully … comes to the rescue.

You have a fire … the CAB can help putting it out !

How to locate your nearest office :

Contact us - Citizens Advice

Almost like toothache … the longer you leave visiting a dentist , the worst it gets ?

Yes, you can…

I am for my husband he hates talking to anyone official.

Do it Monday get it out of the way.

Thank you.

Thank you. Though I doubt we can get help by Monday :+1:

Your welcome.

There are a number of us on the forum who have transferred from one benefit to the other without any problem whatsoever.

Thank you…
My main point when I wrote this thread was to gain information on finally making a claim for carers allowance. Maybe I should have done it some years back but the situation as it is now is I can only work when someone else is with my wife. This is because of the nasty panic attacks she has and that she has had falls for no reason with no warning. She has been lucky in so much as it’s just been bruising but it could be worse. I just dare not leave her alone.

I am if I’m honest confused. I’m not great with forms and my dyslexia means I get confused and … Well it’s a kind of panic that sets in and I walk away.

Maybe I should apply online ?? Is it difficult?

Sorry if I’m not grasping the nettle here …I earnt my living with a trowel in my hand and never had forms to fill in.

Should I leave claiming carers until the move from DLA to pip has been done ?


Should I leave claiming carers until the move from DLA to pip has been done ?



I’m not great with forms and my dyslexia means I get confused >

CAB will help you to complete the forms … recommended and link poster earlier.