Another work focused interview!

Hi all,
I am a full time carer for my partner in receipt of CA, less than 6 months ago I had to attend a WFI at my local jobcentre, the letter threatened that if I did not attend my partner would be sanctioned. I thought it was ok as the lady recorded that I am on CA and told me that was fine and there was no need to look for work. They now want to see me again in a few weeks, exactly the same thing, discuss my situation with a work coach about the help they can give me to find work now or in future, same threat of sanction at the end. My situation has not changed in 5 months, if anything it is worse and this is giving me extra stress that I don’t really need right now. Why is this happening? Am I being targeted or is this normal now?

Hi Laura.

In a word … normal.

Quite a bit on the forum regarding DWP interviews … a search reveals 41 postings :

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An annoyance for far too many carers.

Thanks Chris, I knew about the WFI but I did not realise they can call you so frequently. I don’t see the point in doing it if not for harassment.

In an ideal world , the DWP / Government would have us all working and caring 24 / 7.

After all , they have their targets … £ 150 BILLION saved from our contribution by the end of this year ?

Working longer would also mean many would lose their CA ( £ 123 weekly limit ) … thus decreasing the amount paid out in CA
and the expense of one’s employer !

More monies squeezed out of carers ?

We went to tribunal over DLA - PIP, the assessment was all made up by an unqualified assessor (it could have been funny if not so tragic, lied about everything and disregarded consultants’ opinions) and gave 0 points. Tribunal reinstated everything and gave an ongoing 10 years award, but since then they have targeted me. I am not into conspiracy theories, but you start to wonder.

Maybe ask to speak to the Job Centre Manager and talk about “waste of resources” given that your OH has a 10 year award. Very often it’s their ignorance which is the problem. A friend of mine worked for DWP, they made lots of experienced staff redundant, to reduce the wage bill, and replaced them with people who had minimal training.