IS & CA sanctions

I am new to the forum and really need some advice.
I recieved a letter from the Job centre this morning telling me i need to attend a meeting with a work coach.
I am currently in receipt of Income Support and Carers Allowance for taking care of mum who is non weight bearing and suffers dimentia.
I called today to tell them I woukdnt be able to attend as I look after mum 27/7 and its just us.
He told me I must attend and I would be sanctioned if I didnt. He wasnt interested in my ‘excuses’.
I know they can sanction IS but not sure about CA. Can anyone help please?


Hi Jim … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

Carers Allowance / Income Support / DWP Interviews ?

Full sp including guidance … and a template letter … from elsewhere on this site :

Thinking of returning to work? | Carers UK

A snippett :

Work focused interviews / work related activity

Sometimes carers who are in receipt of Income Support or Employment and Support Allowance (in the Work Related Activity Group) may be asked to take part in work focused interviews (WFIs) and undertake work related activity (WRA).

This information applies to people living in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.


If I can’t attend and need to defer / waive / ask for the work focused interview (WFI) to take place in my own home, what should I do ?
It is possible for you or your partner to defer or waive a WFI, or to ask for the WFI to take place in your own home.

If you want any of these things to happen then you should contact the Jobcentre Plus as soon as you can in advance of the meeting and explain your circumstances. You can do this by telephone or by letter. You may want to use one of our template letters to help you.

You must show good cause for your request. Good cause may include illness, hospital/healthcare admissions or appointments, bereavements, emergency caring responsibilities or needing more time to set up alternative care for a child or the person you care for.

You cannot appeal a refusal of your request and your benefit may be stopped or reduced if you do not attend without permission.

For a deferment or waiver
A Jobcentre Plus officer may determine that a WFI can be deferred or waived where it wouldn’t be, in their opinion, of assistance to you or appropriate in the circumstances.

For a home visit

A Jobcentre Plus officer may determine that a WFI is to take place in your own home where it would, in their opinion, be unreasonable to expect you to attend elsewhere because your personal circumstances are such that attending elsewhere would cause you undue inconvenience or endanger your health.

Sounds like a mistake to me, I’d ring them again and ask to speak to the manager.

Thank you for your help, I called them again and they are supposed to be calling me back today.
It was very helpful reading the information and I have a few weeks to try and find a sitter if I have to.
Very grateful for your help.


Your welcome.

Home visit ???

Nowhere better to demonstrate that caring aspect ???

Just received a call from the actual work coach, she said she is happy to do this by phone. So panic over, I have the appointment now and all is well.

Thank you again for your help.


Your welcome.