Annual Review tomorrow

I know this is very short notice but my daughter has her so called Annual Review tomorrow (last one was in 2019!). It is so long since then and a lot has happened that I need reminding of what I should look out for or ask for bearing in mind that they will be trying to cut back even further no doubt.

They already stopped all the Supported Activities which they used to fund like swimming, bowling, gym etc which means that she hardly uses her PA now because there is nowhere to go in the winter months.



Penny, sorry I haven’t replied before the day of her review! Your challenge is to prove why she still needs that level of support. She’d be better using the PA hours even if they aren’t going out anywhere - even if they just do activities at home - otherwise its harder to argue she still needs that level of support.

S has to pay for all his activities, I think those who have funded activities as part of their care plan are in the minority. Does her PA know how to make good use of Carer goes free offers etc? I accompany S to the local gym etc in the hols - he pays for his leisure card and I don’t pay to accompany him.

You’ve probably thought of this already, but could her PA accompany her to do voluntary work, lots take place in warm places? It will get her out the house and meeting people.

Anyway keeping :crossed_fingers: for you.


Good luck. Prepare a list of reasons as to why she requires ongoing external forms of support in order to access the local community. If the personal assistant knows about what is on offer that is a great help. In any case do make some brief summary notes on your options. I’m currently researching care sector options and I am looking at a live out carer or a cheap full time personal assistant for a few hours each week. Another good option is a part time care agency for one whole day a week. There are numerous other possible alternative options when it comes down to finding decent care. You are in my prayers and thoughts tonight as well. I hope that the annual review meeting does not leave you too stressed out. Perhaps also discuss other relevant issues.

Hello, I’m sorry to be late replying but have only just received the message from the forum. I know it’s a little late but I’d ask who made the decision to withdraw the funding and why, you certainly should have been informed. My friends daughter goes to a local community centre once a week for flower arranging and she attends one of the baking sessions run by the local coalition of disabled peoples who have various sessions throughout the week and goes to water aerobics at the baths. She also goes out to lunch at the local pub every Wednesday where she and her PA have developed a really good relationship. Your daughters PA should be able to find out what’s available in your area, even during the winter months. Social activities are vital to ensure people don’t end up becoming socially isolated. Good luck.

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They want us to try and find things to do for free, like stuff at libraries and Warm Spaces. They say anything else we have to pay for but they pay for the support via her PB.

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At least they haven’t cut her hours.