personal Budget cuts

My daughter finally got a care plan drawn up but we are not happy with it after a nearly 6 year wait for an “Annual” Review.

They have cut all money for Supported Activities and also scrapped the Travelling allowance. I have just been trying to read up about this and as far as I can see, they cannot do this unless there is a change in circumstances which there hasn’t been. They are not allowed to make cuts just for financial reasons.

I have contacted the Social Worker and told her we are therefore not agreeing to the draft plan.

Anybody else in a similar position?

I battled for years over this. Finally had 11 hours that had been wiped off, reinstated.

Tell the LA that unless they can provide you with evidence that her needs have reduced, you will be going to the Ombudsman. Travel costs count as DRE - Disability Related Expenditure. If they paid before, and won’t now, they need to explain why.

Oh Penny, how stressful.

I always silently cheer when an annual review doesn’t happen.

Keep us updated re progress with you battle.

Remember they are expecting you to roll over and accept their decision - more fall them!


No, cos we get bu**er all anyway, (apart from Attendance Allowance), but it is a common theme, cut this, cut that, make any excuse and hope that those affected will cave in without a fight, but fight you must, and done correctly it is statistically very likely that it will be reinstated.

Good news. Following my email to SW Practitioner where I mentioned the Care Act, she turned up this morning and we have got Supported Activities and Mileage reinstated. No arguments, no grovelling, it just happened. Huge relief!

Great news!

Very good news Penny.
Pity you had the anxiety in the 1st place, and have to resort to explaining their job to them!
You did, and have now what is your right anyway.
Well done. Be extra kind to yourself today.

Well done Penny, what a relief.

Not right though is it, that its necessary to fight for what someone is entitled to.