Alzheimer’s diagnosis

:-??? Hello, my wife has recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. although early stages as yet it’s obviously going to get worse, she has been prescribed the drug mementine to slow the illness down. I would appreciate advice from anyone out there with similar issues, ie what to expect, if I can claim any help or allowances.
Regards David. :-???

Hi David … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

A series of links to outside expert advice for you :

ALZHEIMER SOCIETY … the leading experts in this field :

THEIR ONLINE COMMUNITY … equivalent of this forum :

BENEFITS / ALLOWANCES … an online benefits calculator to ensure that ALL available are currently being claimed … including a potential Council Tax disregard / discount :

( I assume DLA / PIP / Attendance Allowance … possibly Carers Allowance ? )

OUTSIDE CARE SUPPORT … what’s available and who provides it :


The Care Needs Assessment Explained | Age UK

Carer's Assessment - Advice and help for Carers | Age UK


Owner occupiers / tenants … social / b.t.l. … any problems ?

That’s the basics … others will be along to extend their welcomes , and add their insights.

Hello and welcome!

The two most important benefits to claim are PIP and ESA. Citizen’s Advice can advise you on benefits and help you fill out the forms. Good luck! You may also find that she is exempt from council tax. Call their helpline number tomorrow morning on 03444111444 and ask for a benefits advisor.

Hi David, welcome to the forum.

Can I ask how old you and your wife are? What benefits you can receive depends on your ages, to some extent.
Do you own, or rent your home? Is it a house, or bungalow? Does it have a shower?

It is likely your wife will qualify for exemption from council Tax on the grounds of “severe mental impairment”. It’s a horrible term, but sadly the one used. It should be easy to claim, back dated to the date of diagnosis.

I would suggest that you concentrate on making your house and garden as low maintenance as possible, because if you try to do the work of two people,. it’s exhausting. Keeping you well is now every bit as important as caring for your wife.