Council tax reduction

I was just wondering if my Mother is eligible for council tax reduction due to her dementia, my Dad has Vascular Parkinson’s and they live together but seem to remember hearing something about 25%discount as dementia person not counted?
Would be grateful if anyone knows the answer.

Yes, , they become exempt on the grounds of “severe mental impairment” BACKDATEABLE to the date of diagnosis!! (Make sure the council do this, not everyone knows the rules).
If mum and dad live together without anyone else there permanently, then no Council Tax at all is payable.
Make sure she is also claiming Attendance Allowance, so you can claim Carers Allowance if you meet the criteria.

Thanks for the reply, that’s good news as every little bit helps! Mum was diagnosed in December 2016 can’t see the council backdating till the, shame this information about reduction is kept so quiet as had no clue about it till recently.

Reply from another recent thread :

Council Tax discounts / disregards ?

Many hits from an Internet search … COUNCIL TAX DISCOUNTS DISREGARDS … Alzheimers Society web site won … by a short head.

I don’t know if all councils do this, because my OH is disabled and our house has been adapted to suit him, we also get a band reduction, as well as disregard because he has Vascular Dementia.

Make sure it IS backdated, because that’s the rules set by government the LA have to follow!

My mum had dementia/lived alone and had been diagnosed a few years before I claimed exemption of council tax. She lived in the Bradford met area and ended up with the claim backdated to the date when she was officially diagnoaed with dementia.

The rules were that a person claiming exemption had to also be in receipt of attendance allowance which she was.

She ended up getting nearly £3000 reabate!!! So ring the council asap!! Good luck!

Thanks everyone for your replies, I have just only got her Attendance Allowance through, something that should have been done back in 2016 but my brother didn’t apply for her simply because he wanted no one to know she had dementia as he coerced her into changing her Will to solely benefit him!! Surprise surprise he is know no longer on the scene helping at all as his job is done!
I got a form today and you have to get a doctor to fill in part B so I shall go see them tomorrow.