Advise needed please

Hi I am a carer of my poorly Hubby.He has terminal cancer ,& also deaf & severely sighted in both eyes. Sadly we have to have carers twice a day to get him up & dressed.But the agency are sending a male carer in who is new to the job,& he’s from Romania. My hubby & I have asked the agency if they can please please send a female as we are struggling with this chap.We are paying for the agency by direct payments via the council.I am tempted to jump ship & find another agency… But worried that we might be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire!! I would much rather have a female.This chap really has a poor level of English.For an e.g. when he arrived last weekend I said to him that my Husband has cancer & he thought we had to cancel the call!! Sorry to rant but really in need of advise.regards Amandah

TELL, don’t ask, the agency to find someone who can MEET YOUR HUSBAND’S NEEDS. How can he do this with such a poor level of English?!

Hi I am not racist ,by any means.But I emailed the manager & her reply is in so many words we must give this chap a chance.! They can’t swap him as the agency are short staffed this weekend.I am going to Take this further by asking sight for Surrey to have a word with the agency…They will not listen to me.Sorry to rant regards Amandah

Maybe ask Sight for Surrey to meet the man himself at your place to decide for themselves if his English is sufficient to do his job?