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Hi i am new to this. I have been caring for my sister since june. I applied for carers allowence i recived a letter today stating i have been awarded but they need more payment details before payments are made. I have rang them straight away and they just needed to know if i received and sick pay in my last 2 wages from work. I didnt and they said it will get dealt with today hopefully. Does anyone know how long it will take to receive a payment. Tia

Hi Kayleigh.

Time between application and payment could be several weeks depending on their workload.

Once approved , will be back dated to the date they received your application.

Only fly in the ointment might be your earnings … £ 123 weekly limit … over that and NO CA !

So , when the payment is received , try synchronizing it with your earnings to ensure no gap ?

Thank upu for upur respnse. I didnt have and earnings from when i applied i gave them the date after my last wage slip. It said on the letter i have been awarded ca i just wonderd after ive given them the information today how long would it be now to receive a payment. Is it quite quick or do i still have a long wait lol.


Is it quite quick or do i still have a long wait lol.

Don’t put the kettle on … just yet ?

As it said you HAVE been awarded it, hopefully it won’t be too long. Usually it’s that initial decision that takes the time.

Would you like to tell us a bit more about your new caring situation, how old you and your sister are, why she needs help, and what you do for her, we might be able to make a few suggestions.

Is she able to manage her own money?
Do you own, or rent, your home?

Im 33 have 2 children of my own. My sister is 26 she has lupus disease and rheumatoid arthritus. She also has problems with her kidneys. She also has 2 children. I gave up my job back in easter when my sister got sepsis for a 3rd time she was very poorly and i was staying with her when she come out of hospitall.she went right down to 4 and a half stone. I gave up my job to take care of her and help with her children. I am at hers everyday i take her children to school and pick them up. Then i help her around the house deal with her medication etc. I lived in a differant town so decided to apply for council housing and luckily i got a house literally across the road from my sister. Me and my children moved in 4 weeks ago from a caravan to a 3 bed house. I didnt want to get carers allowence but everyone telling me i should. In my eyes im just looking after my sister and helping her out.

A kinship carer ?

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