Long time hello)

ive been an at home carer for my partner for four years.ive recently sent in my audit for carers support direct payments. it was completed but said they werent accepting certain things id used it for.therefore asking me to repay them 301.00 pounds.im gutted and worried thay i cant afford to find thisv amount of money theyre asking for.has anyone else been in this situation before thankyou.

Hello & welcome Angela

When the direct payments were set up it should have be outlined how they could me used. Can you tell us what the LA is not prepared to fund.

If you read the care act it says that the LA should not be interfering unduly on how the money is spent.
I can’t remember the exact wording, it’s been a long day!
Have a look at the 2014 Care Act Regulations.

There’s often a disconnect between finance departments doing the auditing and social workers who write the assessments that set the budget.

The CUK helpline may be able to help with this, but I suggest you email them on advice@carersuk.org giving as much information as you can.

A lot will depend on how prescriptive your partner’s assessment documentation is.