Let me introduce myself

Hi all ,
I have been caring full time for family members for a few years now. Firstly for my mum who passed away this May and then for my ‘special needs’ 49 yr old sister.
Since my mum passed away I have been so worried about how me and my sister will cope financially as we have lost £250 a week with the passing of my mum. My sister gets all the benefits she is entitled to however the LA are doing a new financial assessment for her day care (that she is not attending at the moment due to COVID) and there is no way we can manage all the outgoings on MGI of £135 p/wk and my little amount of carers allowance and universal credit. It’s all very well the social worker saying that they won’t leave her with less than she needs to live on because £135p/wk will be way short of our total weekly outgoings…one way forward is for me to give up caring and look for full time work to support myself and then the LA would have to look after my sister…this is not the outcome either of us want as she is very happy at home with me…and I love looking after her…but what am I to do if the sums just don’t add up?
Anyway it’s nice to be able to talk to like minded people . Thank you

Ring our helpline and they will go through everything with you, we are not allowed to help too much because we are not qualified to give advice.
Did the social worker take into consideration all the outgoings for the home, as well as your sister’s income?
Are you living in rented accommodation, or do you own the property?