A need to belong (working and caring)

Morning, i’m reaching out today to ask if anyone successfully manages to care for their person and work from home a bit too.
I am so frustratingly understimulated. I want a feeling of belonging to something other, i need a small income, my caring role is very much about observation and keeping someone safe at home, i can do that and help others and generate some income. Does anyone have any advice on combining the two or where else to go for advice? xx

Who are you caring for, and why is keeping an eye on them needed?

With respect, answers to those questions are not relevant to my request for help or advice.
best wishes

There is an enormous amount of difference in your options depending on whether you are caring for a brain damaged child or a parent with advanced dementia, or someone who is physically disabled.

My husband and I ran a business while juggling the needs of our brain damaged son and all four parents, all five entitled to highest DLA Care Allowance. Parents lived 3 miles away from us, in different directions.
We restored lorries, I ran a national lorry club, wrote a 20 pages of A4 magazine every quarter, and we bought and sold lorry spares. i used my sewing skills to make some of the trim for the lorries. When my husband died I inherited 30 tons of lorry spares, and lived off them for 12 years until I became entitled to my pension.

I’m NOT suggesting you run a lorry business, not trying to be nosey. Simply trying to ascertain the most suitable options for you.

Hello Jane and welcome to the forum.
I know what it’s like just being with one ‘needy’ person all day. I guess that you miss being with others.
Have you thought about joining a group/club in your local area? Now that the restrictions are easing there are lots of social events opening up again.

Hi Jane,

I do my school prep at home whilst S is here (needing supervision and support). I also juggled studying at home and caring whilst taking a sabbatical - I achieved more when he was at his college day service - but did also fit some in around him - Lockdowns, evenings and weekends.

Any idea what sort of work you would do from home?

It’s harder to feel you ‘belong to something’ if you are not meeting people in person.


Thanks for the welcome. particularly want to meet people or generate an income, I’d just like to ‘be’ something other than carer and mum. I care for my husband, we have three children, i’m not lonely, just bored and would like some online work to focus on and be stimulated by! xx

I ended up studying for an Honours degree in Business Studies to help me cope with caring for my son, as I knew that one day I wouldn’t be able to care for him any more, and felt that by studying, I’d get the job I deserved. My husband was made redundant just as I was finishing the course, and so we ended up starting our own business.
Is there anything you would like to study more?


It sounds like you know what you are looking for. Have you applied for anything?


I already have a degree, but finding work from home opportunities hard to find, just wanted to find someone in a similar position who also needs a little bit of something for themselves outside of their immediate commitments. xx