4 years on from my husbands passing

This is what I posted 4 years ago today.

Hubby passed very peacefully at 1pm today. Not even a gasp at the last breath.
Just him and me, which I truly believe he wanted.
He was a brave man, in his life, and remained brave at the end.
Much loved.

Still very much missed.
What has helped is knowing he would be proud of what I have very slowly achieved in turns of sorting maintenance. Having a very loving supportive family and of course support and chats with all on the forum.
Still a sad day


Thoughts and prayers are with you BOTH.

:people_hugging: :people_hugging: :people_hugging: :people_hugging: :people_hugging:

You are in my prayers. Hugs.

Pet, I followed yours and hubby’s journey every step of the way.

It was a welcome release for him and he had you had there advocating for him and with him when he let go.

You have tackled the house and learnt to do things you never had to tackle before. He must take comfort seeing you getting things sorted.

Of course a sad day.

Melly1 xxxx

You were a wonderfully supportive wife Pet and really fought his corner. Sending hugs.