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Dear M_and_P

Welcome to the forum from a still active carer.

I’d like to thank you for your own inspiring words. They are much appreciated and I wish both you and your wife a very peaceful next step on your journey.

Take care, from David

Welcome to the forum.

However prepared you think you are, the reality of the loss of a partner is devastating.
My husband died of a massive heart attack in his sleep, with no warning. I was 54.
Expect a wave of extreme tiredness coming over you like a huge wave once the formalities are over.
By chance, I found a book called Starting Again by Sarah Litvinoff really helpful.
Easy to read, ideas to help you work out what you want most from the next stage of your life.
Written for Relate, formerly Marriage Guidance, but don’t let that put you off.

Welcome to the forum.
I was in a slightly similar position to you. In as much as I watched my lovely husband deteriorate. With vascular dementia and other health issues. Long goodbye. 2 years ago now,
I thought I was prepared, and when he died it was a blessing for him really as he was a shell of the active vibrant person he was pre dementia. The grief and shock still hit me, and I had brain fog for a long time, Still do at times. Don’t be surprised or disappointed if it happens to you.
Must say what a heartfelt and meaningful post from you. Inspirational, and very loving that you are making plans for her final journey.