Zero Hour Contracts / Agency Fees : School Holidays / Affordable Childcare : Juggling Work With Caring?

Local rumour … and a VERY old practice … shop window ad in agency … zero hour contract work available … say £ 9 per hour ?

BE VERY WARY … some agencies now ask for a " Finder’s fee " … once paid , it may well be several hours … even
weeks before the RATE per hour climbs back to anywhere near the advertised rate.

In fact , you may well be earning LESS than the minimum wage for sometime !

NEVER FORGET … said work is NOT guaranteed … could be days / weeks before that phone rings !

For some , like buying a Lottery ticket and praying that it’s a winner !

( Just ask a few of my immediate neighbours !!! )

Internet search … ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS AGENCY FEES … and DO YOUR HOMEWORK … take advice from the legal
experts and trade unions who are revealed in said search !

Juggling work with caring … even more balls in the air whenever zero contracts are involved … and , of course ,
Universal Credit … a beach ball sized one to add to that juggling act !

On manors like mine … Worksop … Hobson’s choice !

( 1970s … North West , London … early morning … unemployed labourers standing on a street corner in a crowd , sometimes
a hundred or more … transit van pulls up … " Work for four at £ 5 per hour , what am I bid ? " … five minutes later , van departs… four labourers in the back … at £ 3.75 per hour ! "

2019 … any real difference out there ??? )

Relating to this massively right now, I am studying a part time A level course in September but I have been trying to find a part time temporary job in the meantime, that balances the time caring for my Dad, not to mention the Hour/wage cap. I have had no luck whatsoever this past month.

Yep … almost a return to the really bad old days in many areas.

Lincolnshire … harvesting time … traditional seaside resorts come the end of the summer season … could be really " Interesting "
for starters.

My thoughts are with hundreds of thousands , if not low millions , of parents very shortly … the start of the school summer
holidays … all food banks on high alert … work MAY be available but … affordable childcare ( Assuming work during the day ) ?

Throw UC into the mix and … a recipe for temporary disaster ?