Carers allowance and earning over £102 (now £110) per week.

Hi, newbie looking some advice please.

After 27 years of caring I finally got to the stage where I could get a job. I now work 16 hours per week and had to give up carer’s allowance as I earn roughly £20 per week over the threshold. Two weeks of work and i was furloughed as all the placements closed for my son. Six months later and I just returned this week.

I rang carers allowance to inform them and the lovely lady said i might be able to claim expenses for work, she mentioned laundry, clothes and stationery and is posting a claim form to me.

I don’t earn enough to pay tax and the pension thing is only open a certain period each year which I missed out on (started the week it closed). I don’t have childcare expenses or respite etc as my daughter looks after him the two days I work.

Does anyone have any advice on the expenses thing as I’m unsure of how this works?

Thanks, Catherine :slightly_smiling_face:

“My daughter cares for him 2 days a week”.
Do you pay her? This is the simple solution to your problem.

How old is your son, and what is the nature of his disability?
How old is your daughter?
(My son has severe learning difficulties, now 41)


My son is 27 and has severe learning difficulties also. My daughter works from home and anything i paid her would have tax difficulties for her.

I can’t work extra hours because of caring responsibilities and I worked all his life on getting him to be as independent as he can be so now i could enter the workforce and gain some independence and adult company. It’s ironic that a few pounds extra earned (which I use for carparking at work) is the reason the government says I’m no longer a carer🙁

Ring Cares UK helpline. There is a chance that your car parking charges count as an allowable deduction.