YET ANOTHER DWP Medical Assessment

Seriously! How often are the DWP allowed to demand we attend these bloody assessments? My husband can talk and smile, despite his autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, and multiple mental and physical health problems… so they always decide he is not eligible, and we always end up back at tribunal, where they always reinstate his benefits. In the meantime, the disruption to our family income, and the amount of extra work involved for me in preparing for the tribunal is crazy… all this flippin beauraucracy (we also have two asd children) is crazy, and is the main reason that I have had to give up work.

We won our last tribunal appeal on the 4th October last year, and this morning, here is the letter dated the 1st October telling him he needs to be assessed again! Surely this is discrimination. How can they be allowed to continue this nonsense? He is not going to get better…these are lifelong conditions FFS!

Kiwi, what a nightmare. These claims are so demoralising and take up so much time and effort. The whole appeals process etc is the same.

I wish I knew what to advise.

I thought the DWP were no longer going to continually reassess certain groups. Perhaps Chris has info on this?

Perhaps write to your MP?



Perhaps Chris has info on this ?

Frequency of DWP assessments ( Assuming not PIP ? ).

Not much beyond the usual " Moaning " on several disability related forums … UC / ESA related ones dominate.

Probably the best impartial :

Work Capability Assessment - How Often? - Benefits and Work Forum

CAB for their view ?

( For most " Caree " problems , the SCOPE online community is highly recommended :
added advantage of online experts participating on the forum. )

Thanks Chris.


Thanks!! I have just had a moan to the National Autistic Society… commiserations from them too… and some information about how to help autistic individual to present their difficulties during the medical assessment. I guess that might help. Maybe.

To top it off, the Medical Assessment Advisory Service don’t have me down on their system as an appointee, so now I get to spend however long on the phone to ESA!


The Benefits system were supposed to be stopping assessments with people with lifelong conditions it was in the paper.
It is just a waste of time and money for all concerned, thinking that people will get better.

But yes my wife has the same, we have to go to a town 20 miles for yet another assessment, my wife walking very slowly into the centre, answering the same questions.

Waiting for weeks for an answer.


The Benefits system were supposed to be stopping assessments with people with lifelong conditions it was in the paper.

Yep , recorded on the main UNIVERSAL CREDIT thread.