Universal Credit Health Assessment

Daughter has one of these by phone tomorrow. I will be present. I remember years ago her having some sort of assessment and a nice doctor told us that would be it now and she would never have to have another due to her LD.

I guess this has changed now we have UC etc.

What bothers me is she comes over as quite bright and chirpy and able but she can’t tell the time, her messages make little sense and she is unable to complete forms etc. she also answers questions straight away without thinking and even if she doesn’t understand them she will say something.
I just hope they will give me a chance to explain but it is quite uncomfortable doing this with her present.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

@Penny Fingers and toes crossed.

Thinking of you Penny and of your daughter.

Very nice man rang us and said as I was appointee I could answer most questions. He said he had all the completed forms and reports I sent him in June (which they twice told me they had not received despite me sending them Signed For).

He asked my daughter if she had a £ and bought something for 75p how much change would she get. She said she couldn’t answer that. He asked her to spell a word backwards ( I think it was bottle) and she hadn’t got a clue and I told him sadly she could not spell it forwards! Then he asked her to repeat 3 words but she could only remember one. He said that was enough and he would present his report and the forms and professional reports and another dept would contact us with the outcome.


Update. We had a letter to say nothing has changed and she is still not obliged to look for work.

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Penny, that’s a relief, but these days are always tinged with sadness too as we wish thing were different. Hugs.