PIP assessment.

my wife has been summoned for a PIP assessment. this is because she has finally put autism on her claim and also as she has had to get sick notes from the dr to show universal credit that her condition means she cant work (even part time as im her full time carer)

she cant go out alone, me or her mum has to be with her. (and her dad just died so her mum is already going through a lot as is she. she cant manage daily tasks like cooking or cleaning with help and guidance.

she has always gotten PIP (used to get DLA) last time she was assessed they took her money away and we couldnt afford to live. (we couldn’t pay rent, afford bills or food) we already rely on the food bank and pay for the bare minimum of what we have to.

she is absolutely terrified of them taking her money away again. shes got a report detailing her autism, she has the fit notes from her dr, her social worker is doing a letter and she has requested one from her GP. how do i make sure she gets approved to continue revieving PIP?

im going to the meeting with her and i want to make sure they dont mark her down for being clean as that was one of the things they did last time (saying she couldnt have mental health issues because she turned up and wasnt dirty so she could look after herself. Despite the fact her mum ran her a bath the night before and timed her in it yelling prompts through the unlocked door)

The appeal last time they took her money away and the loss of having food and bills paid nearly ended her life. Now as she grieves the loss of her dad i cant imagine how she will be if they throw her away again.

please help me make sure she doesnt lose this again. I hate this system as it is making my wife so ill with anxiety.

This is a chance for you to explain everything. Make the most of the opportunity to educafe them about autism too. I hate the benefits system as well. We were turnsd down for DLA now I am enlisting the help of one of my son’s former Portage therapists to fight the decision. She will write a report for me. You might also find this helpful to read. Preparing for your PIP assessment - Citizens Advice