Advice needed

Hello! I need advice desperately.

Logan is two years old. He was admitted to the local hospital across town this morning after I noticed that he was unwell again around midnight. I called the hospital for advice immediately. My partner is staying there tonight with him on the children’s ward. His urine smelled bad and he also wet the bed. I have had to open several windows to get the smell out.

How do I advocate for him? It looks like a medium term hospital stay (second one this year). I’m sure that he has a UTI but I won’t be there when the urologist comes by as I need to work tomorrow morning. I have asked my other half to update me. I also have given him a short list of questions to ask plus Logan’s medicines in a plastic bag. Hopefully by morning we will know more. They have taken a sample already.

This is the second time he has had a UTI. The other time was earlier this year in mid February. I hope that they will listen to us and give him antibiotics for treatment. How long will it take for little man to recover? I have a diary I keep for such a purpose but have not updated it recently. What will happen afterwards? Should I call to cancel work and head up to the hospital or not? I am considering showing up unexpectedly seriously at lunchtime tomorrow. I know if I don’t I will certainly regret it.

He has open defect spina bifida in case you were wondering.

Hi Leah
Oh I wish I could offer advice! I truthfully believe as a Mother, you should go with your gut instinct. Will you be able to work compantly with the emotional worry of your little man? Sometimes you need to hear first hand what the consultant/ doctor/ nurses have to say. Will your little boy be asking for you? I’m not saying you should go straight away, just putting thoughts your way. Will it impact financially?The doctors will be able to advise, possibly on the how long it will last etc.
Many years ago my youngest daughter was hospitalised, and I told the consultant I had a mothers instinct. He said Mothers instinct is the best one!
(((( Hugs to you)))
Hope your partner is as ok as can be expected

Thank you. I called my partner and said I will be there tomorrow with my daughter in tow. I want to see the specialist. I have decided to cancel and will tell her in a bit. To answer your other question it won’t affect us financially.

I agree. I have certainly also learned to trust my gut feeling.

Family first every time. If finance is not an issue. One less issue.

Are you aware of…

There is also Pals at each hospital.

Thank you! No I was not aware.


We have met with his urologist who took a urine sample for testing. We will hopefully know more tomorow when the test results come back tomorrow morning. I’m staying the night with him. Any suggestions/advice on how to entertain a 2 year old toddler will be appreciated. I only have my iPhone. I did not bring any of his books and he does not seem well enough to play with his toys. So I didn’t pack any either. But he is certainly very bored. I can tell from his face. Silly me!

How do you cope with hospital stays? I am out of ideas. There is a playroom but I don’t particularly want to take him there.

Im sure the hospital will let you borrow some suitable books from the playroom. Picture books you can show him and tell stories? Thomas the tank engine or similar? He maybe happy enough listening to your voice.

Second update.

He does love keeping us on our toes! His test results are back. The test results indicate Logan did have a serious UTI as they are more common in men due to anatomical reasons.
His urologist thinks the UTI was probably severe. Thanks for your support. A tentative discharge date has now been discussed but they are being cautious and he will probably stay another night on the ward just to be on the safe side. This is wonderful news.
I feel rested after a refreshing nap in my own bed. Since it is sickness season, we are not being complacent. Last time we had a hospital stay, it was for Logan’s clubbed feet operation two years ago now. How time flies… I still remember a cranky baby. He wasn’t even 2 at the time. Honestly I kind of expected something would occur, we did not have any health issues over the summer at all. I called and Logan is napping so I’m returning to my bed as soon as I finish typing up this update. I am now home with his twin sister who also seems sick. But hopefully it is only a cold in her case, we will see.

Update Two

We are home! Or rather Logan is. My husband is relieved because his back hurts so he has gone to bed. I have booked him a back massage. They sent him home with another prescription so no more hospital beds.

His orthopedic stopped by today and saw his foot then he was discharged right after lunchtime. We have a follow up appointment with his urologist in two weeks time to review. But Logan looks so much healthier now. And I am going back to work tomorrow!

After being seen quickly by the doctor, we stopped to pick up his prescriptions and then we left. On the downside Laurel has become ill with food poisoning now… it looks like we are in quarantine.

Hi Leah, great that Logan is home. How is his foot? Hopefully everyone will sleep well tonight. Sounds like they are taking it in turns! Did Leah get food poisoning at nursery? There seems to be a tummy bug going around. Is your workplace understanding re you being a carer?


Yes. I’m freelance so no issues with employer. Laurel is staying home from nursery this week. I called the nursery yesterday to tell them.

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