Would I Be Entitled

Good Afternoon
After living with my Mum for 10 years, I moved out the end of last year.
I work part-time and although she is able to do most things I tend to do her weekly shop for her, sort out any paperwork that needs seeing to and check on her regularly during the week (she is 79 years old)
It has been brought to my attention that I maybe able to claim some kind of help. If so, from what I’ve said, does anyone think i maybe entitled to some help/support?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Mia, welcome back.

Carer’s UK have the following information about Carer’s allowance:

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It’s really important to know that the 35 hours includes things you are doing for mum, without her, and being on call. The CUK helpline made me a lot better off with this information. They sent me copies of the relevant case law.

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Hi Mia, Just following on from the useful suggestions already posted, our helpline advisers can be emailed at advice@carersuk.org. If you request a benefits check, they will give you guidance and advice based on your circumstances. I hope this helps!