What can I claim?

I am requesting some advice; I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed by my efforts so far.
I am currently claiming ESA as I am unable to work due to Arthritis in my hands and a Mental Health condition.
I live with my mother who is 81 years old and is in receipt of State Pension.
My mother was diagnosed with C.O.P.D and her general health is continuing to deteriorate.
I have been told that if the care she requires is more than 35 hours that I could be eligible for additional benefits.
The care that I currently provide is far in excess than that, in fact I need to be with her full time.
With recent cost of living expenses, we are experiencing is sever financial difficulties and need to see if we qualify for any other financial support.
I have tried to do some online research, but I am really confused with conflicting information and jargon.
Could someone please help me either by offering advice or pointing me in the right direction of someone who can help us.

Contact the Carers UK helpline who can go through your individual situation confidentially.

Hi Shane

It is a complex labyrinth to navigate and as Bowlingbun said, contact the Carers UK team for advice.
You might prefer to email them.

Carers UK information and support
Our telephone Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or you can contact us by email (advice@carersuk.org)

Hi Shane

My mother has COPD, it is progressive and over the years she has deteriorated and has heart disease too and has gone from using walking frame to needing a wheelchair.
They started her on a new inhaler - Trelegy which has been great because it staves off coughs, flare ups and infections, saved a small fortune on tissues!

Have you had a care needs assessment for your mum via social services? If so when was she last reviewed? If not you need to ask for one and be honest about your capabilities for what care you are physically able to provide or not willing to do eg intimate personal hygiene. If your mother is below the ££ threshold she will qualify for carers for that.

Also a carers needs assessment for yourself regarding the care you are able and willing to give and the impact and effect it has on your life/work etc.

If your mum is disabled with her COPD she will qualify for a blue badge.

At such level of care your mother could warrant attendance allowance, ask the helpline about his and your mums GP.

If your mum can get attendance allowance then you can apply for Carers Allowance which is important, you need to ask the Helpline about this because your benefits might clash with it, I am not sure, however it is important that you ask about it because it also credits/pays your NI towards your pension and you can get it backdated x weeks if your other payments are not crediting it for you.

Via the social worker or GP/district nurse you should be able to get an occupational therapist referral for aids for your mother in the house if you don’t have them eg walking frame, shower chair, commode etc and if she warrants one a hospital style bed - the district nurse ordered one for my mother when she was in hospital, the nurse had come to visit and I told her she was in hospital and asked her if home equipment included a hospital style bed and what hoops did I need to jump through - she said she would order one! A hospital style bed would be beneficial for your mum to be propped up for her chest when necessary.

You could try an online calculator …


Although until a claim/application has been processed know one really knows. The calculators are a guide only not set in stone. But you can then see what the possibilities maybe.