Worried about the Government’s pip review

Hi all,

We’ve probably all heard the announcement now that the Government to make changes to pip as part of their latest spout of destructive measures on vulnerable people. The homeless, transgender people, people who are generally sick, and how those who are disabled. Who will they attack next.

They have the cheek to spread malicious lies about pip claiming people get thousands, and people lie to get on it.

I’m so scared that the announcements will take effect and then so many people will be screwed.

My mum relied on Pip to help her with day to day life, and they want to take it all away.

Surely this announcement will take us into a Covid economy. Then again I suppose that’s what they will want.

How many people use that money to help them day to day or enjoy a little treat now and again. Go to a cafe, have hair done etc. Now all that will go.

I’ve had to help my mum using some of my money to help pay her care debts and now it looks like I will never see that money ever again.

A perition has been started