Carers Allowance if new plans go ahead?

I’ve just seen an article about the future of Carers Allowance if the plans to revise disability benefits go ahead, and it’s VERY worrying.
Currently, it’s simple. If you are caring for someone on PIP you may qualify for Carers Allowance, subject to a few additional rules.
How will carers manage if PIP in its current form is scrapped.
Did the government even consider this when disability bashing?
Have CU K been consulted?


The whole consultation is extremely scary.

It’s the little things too which are impacted by PIP. My mum has a bus pass which she got because she scored a certain amount of points. That could be taken away.

Then there’s the fact that I get supposedly more support as an unpaid carer from the carers team because mum is under enhanced sections. Again this could be taken away.

Whilst I do believe people do exploit the system, I know a few, it’s a drop in the ocean to everything else this country wastes. Such as in my city, there is a road no one can ever decide if cars should be allowed to drive in bus lanes outside peak hours.

It changes about 4 times a year.

Yet they claim they just cannot afford to build new houses, make more school places, or help those desperately in need. Everything has to be considered ten times harder.

When the consultation came out, I joked that in order to filter the system of those who are faking it, why not get GP receptionists to decide -no one gets past them. I was only joking of course.

I believe the NHS should have some say in those who apply for Pip. I know it’s not the perfect solution, but for those with higher end needs it would really help them. Such as if someone was diagnosed with a high end condition, a leading person could sign something off and it’s automatic.

Like I say it’s not perfect, but it could filter it.

The governments system relies on cure. But what about conditions where there is no cure. 6-8 weeks mental health help is not going to help anyone.

Have these people ever stopped to consider there’s abit of a mental health crisis because people are so tired and worn out.

There is just so much hate in the world- people can’t even have a positive opinion without others stamping on it.
Financial issues across the board.
NHS at its knees.
Schools overcrowded.
Not enough homes.
The fact that we came out of a major pandemic where I believe everybody knows at least one person who died or was severely affected by it. Yet we are forced to carry on. The fact that children were told to just give up on routine in schooling, with many of them now facing issues relating to delayed development and been two years behind.

But no the issue is people lying about having mental health problems.

Then you have to think about how this would completely damage the economy. For some people the PIP money would be used to enjoy a weekly activity to improve their mental health, or access alternative therapies.

Such as someone with COPD may use it to go to a salt bath place. Or others with mental health may choose to go to have their hair done. Younger adults may choose to go a farm to have animal experiences. Animal therapy is actually very good, it’s often used to aid school refusers.

If these businesses survive on people accessing all this stuff for health reasons, such as the salt place then taking it all away would severely damage their income forcing places to close leaving an ever lasting gap in the high street.