Pip award just received after assessment in Jan; infuriated!

Hello to all Carers here

I know this is a topic that really causes so much concern for many Carer’s and their Caree’s.

I understand our wait was due to the amount of people having to claim benefit re: Covid!

Our Son received the same amount of money as his DLA which helps but when my Husband and I looked over his award we were angry and frustrated!

They said that our Son:

Didn’t look mentally distressed; the poor man was hearing voices throughout the whole duration of this benefit assessment and claim and he was so distressed with worry!

Didn’t need any help with his medication, when we explained to her fully that with him taking medication twice to try and commit suicide, we have always kept his medication and given him his daily dosage!

Did not need help with drying his lower body when he loses his balance after stroke

Didn’t need help with planning and following a journey when without my Husband and I he couldn’t do this without paying a taxi

Didn’t need help making complex budget decisions when without our constant support he would be in a mess financially

Doesn’t need help reading or with complex information when he can’t read more than 2 pages due to nystagmus and struggle with too much information

These are just some of the issues that are so very wrong. Even if she had mental health training, how can anyone know how it affects a patient with a short visit and an assessment!?

He was awarded low points on most issues, some no points; all so very wrong!!!

If we go to a tribunal this could cause dreadful suffering to our Son and it could tip him over the edge and we can not allow that and these people know this!!! So due to this, he has been treated extremely unfairly!!!

I know it’s a fact that many people with mental illness are losing out the most. Our Son has us to help and support him but I feel so sorry for all of those mentally ill people who are being treated abominably!

After our Son’s stroke we did all we could to try and support him through doing our own physio too, so that we would do better in the long term but unfortunately he still has a number of problems!

How can a government allow this to happen to so many vulnerable people, who cannot defend themselves like most of us can? It’s hard enough claiming without a mental illness and I know this with my Husband’s claim; it made us both feel ill!

I’m very much aware that this is tax payers money but throughout our lives we have paid tax too!

Another issue that infuriates me is, that last year I read that the man at the top of the company who does the assessments was paid an obscene amount of money because he saved money on the welfare bill. Also if I’m right, the assessors get paid bonus too for keeping the bill down. It is so very wrong to have a financial incentive for taking pennies off the poor!!!

Since PIP has been introduced, I have read so many people’s stories here that have become a nightmare for Carer and Caree and of course I have first hand experience of this cruel, unfair, unjust and undignified system.

It says a lot about a Government who allows this to happen,they only care about themselves. If you’re an MP reading this, then you should be ashamed of yourself!!! Do something about it!!!

The government are trying to save money on the welfare bill spiralling out of control.

But disabled people need and are entitled to the extra money to live a normal life.

It is clearly wrong that people who have never met you and don’t know you are deciding your fate.

Should be an easier way to get the benefits if you are disabled/ill.

We are having to fight and suffer additional stress to get the help we are legally entitled to.

It is just wrong that we are treated like this and then the same next year.

Many disabilitys/illnesses don’t get better get worse.

The government is hoping we will get better and go back to work, but many disabled have never worked.

And never will work.

There should be an easier way, through your GP perhaps who knows you can see better your condition.

Or through a local support team.

Hi Londonbound

Thank you for taking the time to reply; it’s very much appreciated.

We have dreadful Dr’s who are not really interested in helping. I think they bring their own personal views into this and feel like we are wasting their valuable time.

However we have a very good Psychiatrist who always helps with letters every time we have a claim.

Part of me wants to fight this injustice but our Son cannot cope with it all. If he becomes too ill then he will be a burden to the NHS and we don’t want him hospitalised. We are people who always try to deal with problems as a family.

How or when someone, somewhere in the powers that be, will realise and recognise this is a very serious issue and needs to be addressed, before more people die from the injustice of a benefit’s system, not fit for purpose for the mentally ill.