Working and receiving carers allowance

I need some help, I’m besides myself with worry. I’ve just had a letter this morning from carers and when I have looked at my wage slips I make 123.15 a week, 15p more than I’m allowed. The call centre isn’t open until Monday. Will I have to pay back the 66.15 a week I’ve been getting for over a year back? Im sat here crying with worry.

Hi Catherine.

Little you can do until Monday.

It would be worth your while to seek advice from the CAB BEFORE contacting the Carers Unit at the DWP.

The book will state one thing … in practice ?

That’s where the expertise of the CAB comes in.

If you are just 15p over, I’m sure if you look at the “allowable expenses” you would be under the limit!

At the top left of this page, you will see “Quick Links”.
Click here, and you will see a Link to Carers UK’s “main site”.
Click here, and you will find a section about money matters, where you should find all the details about allowable expenses.

It would only be a problem if you knowingly knew you were over the earnings limit. It can be one penny over.

Was it regularly over by 15p.

BB has some good advice. What did you spend the money on?