Earning £120 a week, but paid monthly


I have started a new job and I am earning £120 per week, but I get paid at the start of the first month, so monthly. In October my earnings were £120 week. But there were 5 weeks in October 2018, so I learnt £600 over the 5 weeks which is £120 per week.

Is this ok? I have been receiving carers every week in October, but I am not sure. If this is not okay, what do I do, do I call them and tell them? How do I return the money to them as I do not want to get in to any trouble.

I also called carers allowance unit today and asked them what the earning limits were and they said this:

  • £240.01 per two weeks

  • £48.03 per 4 weeks

  • £520.40 for a whole month (irrespective of number of weeks)

On GOV.UK it says we must earn £120 a week, nothing else is mentioned…

Have a look at the main Carers UK index (via Quick Links, top left of page) and have a look at deductible expenses.
Who do you care for - we might be able to think of a few expenses for you!

Have a read of the CUK factsheet on Carers Allowance here:

Scroll down to “You don’t earn over £120 a week (after deductions)” where it explains how the DWP calculate earnings.
There is also a section on how you can make deductions (especially into a private pension plan) to keep you within the earnings limit.

Yes … figures detailed are correct.

Should be no problem in the event of the DWP " Reviewing " the situation at some point in the future.

I will assume no income related benefits being claimed ?

UC rolled out on your manor ?

Post code checker :


Some reports of " Conflicts " with earnings over a 5 week period under UC … be aware.

I will assume that all benefits / allowances out there are being claimed … online benefits calculator :


Always pays to be sure.

No news of a potential change in that £ 120 limit , nor taper , earlier this week.

Would be prudent to increase in line with the rise in the minimum wage come April 2019.

Any development will be posted promptly on this forum.

I care for my dad, he receives PIP and is aged 53.

My postcode has been a Universal Credit full service area since 18 July 2018. I only get CA no other benefit.

In which case , UC will not bite !

Count yourself fortunate …

Yes, a fair few have told me. I am only eligible for CA. So what can I do, other than reduce my hours to meet the £520.04 monthly limit? My employer will not pay me weekly…

Several ways to deal with that one … have a read of one of the better threads on here :

Our Forum | Carers UK

Started more than five years ago but much in there is still current … even if the figures are not.

Private pension seems to be the favoured route … although it’s definately a case of jam tomorrow even if one cannot afford jam today because of the limit !

I do not want to deal with pensions etc at the moment. That is no question. Any other way?

Only those options listed in that thread are feasible … unless you want to enter into a very grey area of artificial ideas which MAY work … although the final judge would be the DoleMan … the DWP.

Very much like tax avoidance … the only way to know whether a certain scheme works is by a judge ruling in your favour.

I will limit my hours for October and do my research!

We had one member with a disabled child whose swimming lessons counted towards expenses. Be sure to read the fine print carefully, I missed out on lots of money as I didn’t realise what I could claim for.

My dad isn’t very mobile. He’s in recovery at the moment and doesn’t have much outdoor activity.

Could I have expenses of fuel for his shopping?

Or is there anything else?

Could I have expenses of fuel for his shopping ?

As a carer claiming CA , no.

Whether your father reimburses you is a matter between the two of you … and the TaxMan ?


Expenses could be claimed … as an employee but …that opens up a whole warehouse full of cans of worms.


Here is a good explanation of what you can claim for.
As a forum of carers, we cannot always be familiar with all the rules and regulations, but our helpline is. I found the above link very quickly when I just googled “Carers Allowance allowable expenses”.

Worth yet another " Sticky " , BB ?

Allowable deductions

If you are affected, you may be able to make deductions from your earnings to help you retain your Carer’s Allowance payments without having to cut your hours.

These include:

Income tax and National Insurance contributions (NIC)
Half of any contributions that you make into a work or personal pension.
Certain business expenses that you as an employee pay for but your employer does not reimburse. Such an expense must, as for income tax purposes, be incurred in the performance of the duties of the employment and be wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred.

Examples of expenses for which deductions may be made are

special tools and clothing
professional fees and subscriptions
telephone calls made entirely for work purposes
business mileage or other work related travel expenses and any associated subsistence costs
some costs of working from home

You can find out more about the income tax treatment of employment expenses on our website.

You can also take off up to half of your earnings (after the above deductions if they apply) for amounts you pay to someone to look after either a child under 16 who you or your partner get child benefit for, or the person you are the carer for, when you are at work (so long as you pay someone other than a close relative).
If your earnings after deductions vary, you may still be able to claim Carer’s Allowance for the weeks when they are below the £110 limit. The DWP also has the discretion to average your earnings over a five-week period, or a ‘recognisable cycle of work’ if you have one.

Should you need it to refer to, you can find the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Decision Makers Guidance dealing with the calculation of earnings on GOV.UK.

Interesting to note that a " Close relative " cannot be paid to care in one’s absence ???

(so long as you pay someone other than a close relative).

Don’t we all need that claification like … yesterday ???