Working and caring

Hello, I’ve just joined up and I’m looking for some advice. I’m currently 34 and I’ve been caring for a family member since I left school. Circumstances have changed a little and I now have a part time job to run alongside with my caring.
As I’ve never had a proper job before, what sort of information will my employer require for tax purposes and pay as I’ve never had a payslip before?

Probably just your National Insurance number, but I can’t be sure, I was self employed form 1971 onwards.

Why don’t you ask them?

Hello Steven, I do payroll! They just need your full name, address and N.I. Number. They should give you a form to fill in saying that this is your only job. If not, after your first pay day HMRC should send your employer your tax code. If it’s not sorted by March, you will get a refund of overpaid tax. I have cursed HMRC for years but they have been brilliant this year and are much more user friendly.