Question about carers allowance and self employment

I’m going to have to give up work to look after mum soon. I am hoping to do some trading on the side to top up this pittance pay. My question is because I’m self employed I have to do my taxes end of the year etc gains or not. Because you add up all gains end of year do they divide this by the number of weeks in the year as I’ll be getting bits and pieces as and when plus also having to throw money back into the exchange again to make my next money from it. It all gets very confusing!
I know I can make up to £123 a week presently which comes to £6396 a year without losing my allowance. Any advice please?

Hi Melanie, please, please don’t give up work yet.
Tell us more about mum and her situation, there may be other options that you haven’t been told about.
Do you live with mum?
How old are you?
How old is mum?
What care does she need?
Live in her own home, or rented home?
Have over £23,000 in savings? (Yes/No)
Do you have any brothers and sisters?
Power of Attorney sorted out?

Hi Melanie - I’ve passed on your question to Carers UK’s Helpline advisers and they should respond to you by email within around five working days.

I wish you well with resolving this issue.