Carers Allowance And Employment


Looking for advice. My carers allowance has been stopped due to my employment. They have sent out a form in the post, which i prefer to fill out but they insisted i gave information over the phone? I think the form got lost in the post havent received it so i may well end up doing it over the phone. Does anyone have an example? what questions do they ask? do you need to submit payslips, bank statements? employers contact number?


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Hi @pipsy, I would request another form. As to your other questions, I would contact the carers helpline as they might have someone to help.

Hi there @pipsy, I would definitely recommend emailing an adviser about this on as they will gladly give some guidance.

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I would like a form so that there is written evidence of exactly what was said!
In fact I’d refuse to do it over the phone.
Too often I’ve said things at meetings that have been totally ?deliberately misinterpreted by someone taking notes.

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Your spot on. The advisor could make a mistake and you end up in s**t because of it and you know they will get away with it due to them being part of the club.

There must be a form online somewhere. There is so much to discuss regarding employment as the hours and amounts fluctuate week in week out. Also, I understand tax and ni and expenses are considered? I’ve done something similar before filling out a income and expidenture sheet its not easy takes days and looking at many bank statements etc.

Hi - this happened to me. I no longer am in employment but when I was I had an overpayment due to tax relief on my works pension. They never sent me a form. I did get a letter from my employer but they did not accept it and I had to do it over the phone. When my husband went into hospital last year they stopped my allowance for 11 weeks. I had filled out a change of circumstances on-line. I repeatedly phoned them and everytime they told me something like “we don’t know the status of your benefit, call back in a few days” Eventually I got in touch with Carers UK who told me to call and ask for the decision maker to call me back. Two days later they did and reinstated my carers allowance straight away. She said it was because I had not answered 1 question. They hadn’t asked me that question, so I didn’t know. So I would get advice from Carers UK. Good luck


Can I remind anyone working part time and receiving Carers Allowance that you can claim certain expenses,. Full details should be on the main CUK website.

I wasnt aware of the limits and expenses etc how do DWP view it i guess they would ask when employment started and backdate it and you would owe them a certain amount for over the limits. But, what if your earninings fluctuate weekly/daily it would be very difficult to answer.

No, go over the limit and no CA whatsoever. So unfair.

DWP can take into account fluctuating earnings - see Page 7 of CUK’s Carers Allowance Factsheet

Received the brutal form to fill out 20 questions tables and explanations. Been claiming for 10 years and never seen anything like it.