Will my parents be entilited?

Hi so , I’m a full time carer for a small private company . We look after a few clients in their own home I love my job. My parents are getting frail my mum has what I would call the last stage of copd my dad has arthritis in knees and ankles bothered are over 65 would they be entitled to anything?? At present I do a pot for them hospital appointments keep check on my mum for chest infections etc. My dad can barely walk we have bought him a mobility scooter and just recently purchased a bath lift as he was struggling. Would they ne entitled to any help I’m struggling as work full time and have a large family and am also caring for them both too

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If they have joint savings over approx. £46,500 (or £23, 250 each) they would be self funding for any care they needed and you could arrange this for them. If this is not the case, they would need a Needs Assessment Needs assessment | Carers UK and social care would arrange care according to the results of the assessment.

They may also be able to apply for Attendance Allowance. They could use this to buy additional support to make life easier, e.g. a cleaner, gardener etc


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Outside support services ?

A guide … what’s available and who supplies them :