Long-time lurker says Hi!

Hello all,

I registered over a year ago. Today I finally summoned up the motivation to make my first post.

I am looking after my 80 year old mum. She suffers from COPD and is now pretty limited in her activities. This loss of independence is something she struggles with.

We have both had assessments from the local adult social services. She is considered a self-funder due to her savings.

I am sure I will have more questions in the near future!

Best wishes to you all.


Welcome Orange. I do hope SS can offer you and your mother some support and help. Caring can be so isolating. It is a friendly Forum and it is a safe place to offload and get support and advice.

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Welcome to the forum.

Hi Orange & welcome
Ask away when you are ready, someone usually can give advice, it a friendly forum

Welcome Orange.
Feel free to join the chats in the Roll Call thread - best described as Garden Fence Chat. Its great for just keeping in touch and finding support / exchanging views (or gossip!)


Agree with Chris Orange, the Roll Call thread is great way to get to know a few of us and share tips on coping with being a carer.

Welcome. You mentioned that mum is classed as a “self funder”.
Did you know that mum can therefore pay you for the care you provide?
If mum has over £23,000 in savings, then should she move into a nursing home her fees might be well over £1,000 per week?
Don’t rely on getting an inheritance from mum, so many people have assumed this, to their detriment.

Hi Orange,

welcome to the forum.

Have a read and post again when you are ready.

Thanks all for the welcome. I’ll have a look at the Roll Call thread.

@bowlingbun Thank you for the reminder. She does have over £23,000 in savings, and owns her home. I’m fully aware of care home costs, and thankfully my future plans do not rely on any inheritance. I was vaguely aware that mum could pay me but I haven’t thought to look into it further.

That and her unwillingness to do anything proactive. Something to talk about in another thread, I think :slight_smile:

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