Will my friend win his tribunal

Hi all. im really concerned for my friend as he is a schizophrenic with a clawed hand and he is severely dyslexic and was put into a special needs school because of his dyslexia.

He was initially awarded PIP for 3 years simply based on his PIP application and we provided no evidence other than the assessment paperwork… He was initially refused but won his MR.

Anyway 3 years passed and he was then sent for Review at a CAPITA assessment. An assessment that was completely biased and unfair and awarded him 0 points, Even though hes still got a clawed hand, |Still dyslexic And still suffering with schizophrenia.

We again appeal but this time he was turned down, And we still had not sent any evidence.

We appealed again to goto tribunal.

Now we have all his evidence and paperwork Proving a 25 year mental illness , 15year Clawed hand and 30 years of dyslexia.

The evidence proves beyond doubt that my friend has LONG TERM illness and that he should of been awarded points where due.

Question is.

Do you think he has a good chance at winning the tribunal based on the evidence. The evidence really is Golden.

But is evidence enough for a tribunal.

Also will my friend have to represent himself at the tribunal because hes not the brightest of kids ya know.

Thanks for any advice, Most appreciated.

Hi Melissa.

PIP tribunials are been topical recently on this forum.

A couple of links follow … the first to Turn2Us ( One of the better ones for PIP ) … the second to SCOPE ( Online
forums wherein PIP features almost every other thread within that section ) :

Challenging a PIP decision - Appeal to Tribunal - Turn2us

Appealing a DWP decision | Disability charity Scope UK

As for the tribunial itself , an advocate is to be recommened.

The CAB on this aspect :
Challenging a PIP decision - the tribunal hearing - Citizens Advice

Not a direct answer … we on the forum are not experts … just links to experts within the named organisations who
will be able to advise.

thank you v.much.