Re pip

I care for somebody who has mental health and severe heart health issues we have now appealed unsuccessfully for pip I was horrified when I put in for a sar to find he was considered violent and dangerous and under no circumstances was to be interviewed without extra security where have they got this from I call this defimation he has no history of this he has multible history of self harm not violence I’m fuming

Did you appeal to tribunal stage? Surely if what they wrote was true he wold be eligible, not turned down?!

I would raise this with your MP. It is the worst ever example I’ve ever seen!

Hello and welcome!

Definitely appeal. This is awful.

When you say “appealed for PIP”, what exactly do you mean? There is PIP application, if this is turned down there is Mandatory Reconsideration; and if that fails there is appeal to independent tribunal. It is imperative that you go through to independent appeal if you get rejected at the earlier stages. Contact your local Citizens Advice who can help you through each stage.