Where to start?....

My husband fell down the stairs last Wednesday morning and fractured his tibia and fibula, had surgery and got a rod put in and leg was pinned, he still only has dressings on the leg which need changing, no weight bearing cast planned to my knowledge, he won’t stay in hospital any longer than he did at first, has a frame and toilet aid but risks falling and already has done, I called paramedic out this morning to readmit him and he discharged himself, he didn’t make the toilet so I had to clean it up, looking at 6 months recovery.
I’m on maternity leave as a surrogate mother so thankfully have no baby to date for, go back to work in march but I need to look at where to start, apologies for long post!
Any ideas?

I’m afraid the only solution is for you to refuse to care for him, he needs to be in hospital or a rehab hospital.

As bowlingbun implied:- no-one can be made to care for anyone else, no matter what the relationship: and in these circumstances, I don’t think you should - at least until your husband grows up a bit more.

I think you have to be blunt. And tell him he is being unreasonable. It ceases to amazing how some individuals have no though for others and their situation.

We understand he WANTS to be at home but he NEEDS 24/7 care, especially if he can’t even get to the toilet by himself. He has no right to take his accident out on you, it’s not your fault!

Hi all, thankfully a positive update!
It’s been a good few days and things are settling, he can get himself around and to the toilet, he needs help with changing and dressing obviously but we are doing much better in terms of moods, he was just so frustrated with hospital and waiting and lack of pain relief plus guilt at not being there for me in labour(surrogate journey so not our own baby)
We have a nice little routine and getting gradual help with district nurses and physio pending and follow up, able to help much more with things mentally and around the house while resting too.
Just glad to have him home, it turns out nothing would have been different going back in and like most recoveries, home is the best place.

Ali, you still need some outside help, especially if you are recovering from childbirth!

Welcome and please do seek outside help!