When and how should I apply for carers alloance?

Hi I care for my mum who is 90 and recieves attendance allowance. I work part-time and I am leaving work on 31st of August this year and will be able to collect my pension on 6th of November this year. Can anyone advise me what and when should I claim please. I have always worked and rarely claimed anything as I am dyslexic and find evrything a totla confusing minefeild.

Hi Julie.

CA … apply now … which can be done online … earning not above £ 123 per week ?

Carer's Allowance: Make a claim - GOV.UK

Once the state pension kicks in , kiss goodbye to CA !

I earn more then the allowed amount of net earning, even though I work 19 and half hours per week, thats over 3 days. Should I not wait until I recieve my P45? Do I need to keep my NI going till I recieve my pension, then when I get my pension is the carers credits asessed by your income or personel savings? I have read a lot of info on Carers UK but now my head is spinning…

In the abence of marshalling … using expenses / pension contributions to stay within the weekly limit
… yes.

In short , a bridging payment between leaving work and the state pension kicking in.

For some , that could be decades !

Hi Julie

Please note that once you are in receipt of your State Pension you will not be paid Carers Allowance as they are classified as “overlapping” benefits. Therefore technically you would only be able to claim CA for the period between September - November (assuming you meet the other relevant criteria) . However you should still make a claim as you could be entitled to other “underlying” benefits.

I suggest that go and have a chat with your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Age UK who will be able to advise you and help you complete the forms.

Many thanks for your guidence and input I will definiately seek advise from either Age UK or local Citizens Advice Bureau, especially the form filling in. Sound advise I don,t feel so intimidated and panicy now…cheers

My employers would not let me reduce my hours enough to be able to work till pension age and claim the carers allowance. I lost my father a year ago and mum is struggling, time is so precious, so as I work in a school the end of the summer term is good to leave. Yes its something to live on till my pesion kicks in! cheers