Carers allowance

Hello, I have a question and I’m looking for advice.

I started claiming CA in 2016 I then took up college in 2017 and told them so they suspended my claim that was fine.

Then I got a phone call in June 18 saying I would have to re apply. I never did cause I got a second job.

My brother’s pip ended in jan 18 due to a mix up so he would need to reapply.

Now in 2019 they call and say nope it was a mistake but I told them Iv stopped caring but now I need to fill in a form even if Iv stopped.

Talk about confused

So 1 I didn’t declare job cause no longer getting Ca why do they need to know?
2 if my brothers pip ended and needed to re apply with new claim form surely my CA would have stopped.

3 Why after full year do they want to know my work when not claimed for over a year?

Help a confused woman

Goodness knows! What a waste of time.

Perhaps send a copy of your post to DWP and ask them to sort it out.

Hate to sound cynical, but it sounds to me like they’re looking for some kind of loophole to try and say you were claiming when you weren’t entitled and to try and get money back. Best thing you can do is send them evidence of dates and any information that you have related to when you were claiming and when you stopped.

Personally I’d let them do all the work unless they actually start taking any sort of action. Carers are busy enough…

Can anyone advise me, are you allowed to work part time if you get carers allowance? I think you are allowed a part time wage, without carers allowance being affected, does anyone know if this is correct?

Thank s Angie

Yep … been so for decades.

Weekly limit of £ 120 … £ 123 w.e.f. 6 April … before CA drops off a cliff.

Possible to earn more and " Marshall " excess income … numerous threads on this aspect.

From elsewhere on this site :

Carer's Allowance | Carers UK

Thanks Chris for the information, can be complicated!!

Your welcome.

Fairly clear cut when compared with other benefit scenarios.

All that’s needed is for that weekly earning limit to DOUBLE so as to ensure that carers , able to juggle work with
caring , can climb closer to the official poverty line !

I would ring them up and be very assertive, but not nasty.

Have a “tea and wee” before you start, it may take a while!

The first person you speak to is a junior, so just ask to speak to her line manager, and then a higher line manager. Have a pen and paper with you before you start, and ask for the name of each person you speak to at the BEGINNING of the conversation.

My best friend used to work for DWP, and gave me lots of inside information. Staff are not supposed to ask why you want to speak to their line manager. (However some will “accidentally” cut off the call - that’s why you need to take their names at the beginning).

Just keep asking the same question, “why do I have to send this in when I was NOT claiming anything?! It’s a waste of your time, and furthermore a waste of taxpayers money too.”