What mental health services are still running?

My caree very unwell mentally at the moment was in brief contact with mental health services 2 years ago but no help was given.
My care’s mental health is going down hill.

Neither caree or unpaid carer (me) has been given any help or support.

What to do if your caree has a crisis? no idea .

Been told to contact the Samaritans but they can’t offer long term therapy.

The GP knows about Mental health issues but has done nothing, my caree on anti depressants long term

but doing absolutely nothing towards management/treatment of long term mental health conditions.

GP again has told me to contact Social Services ref help for a carer, but again I don’t see what Social Services can do/will do about mental health problems.

Been told by Mind to contact the Care co ordinator, there isn’t any care co ordinator or care plan.

So again what is my first step who do I contact? but is Mental health services still running, doing assessments and appointments?

Possible the G.P. is trying to say…

There needs to be a new or updated needs assessment. Which can then highlight the need for mental health services.

This can be but not always a possible route in to local services.

Your G. P. should also do a referral.

Very complicated and confusing situation.

My caree can wash and dress themselves, make meals themselves etc so that immediately means they would not qualify for paid carers.

They do have chronic long term health problems diabetes 2 and other conditions.

They had a nervous breakdown, was in hospital, released with little help and support, no referral to NHS Therapy or the community Mental Health Team.

Just left to find their own help and support, which is what they do around here.

They have PTSD and flashbacks so again what can paid carers do, they would have to be there at the right time to calm them down but i don’t think the paid carers have training in mental health.

Social services insist that it is mental health and nothing to do with Social Services, it is the GP who should be providing support etc with mental health conditions.

MY GP who is a grumpy old so and so insists that caring and all that is nothing to do with him, that i should get some more exercise and fresh air.

Difficult if you are an unpaid carer to get a break etc.

But i have seen other doctors who are equally unhelpful, there is supposed to be joint working between health and social services, but unpaid caring nothing to do with the NHS.
It is Social Services that deal with all that but you go to Social Services, they do a Needs Assessment/carers assessment refuse you all help and that’s it.

My caree clearly needs the right help and support with chronic long term physical illness and the resultant mental illness, depression, anxiety and the agoraphobia from PTSD, scared to go out the house.

Needs help accompanying to go out the house which no one seems to provide, social services don’t won’t provide this service , neither do mental health services.
I am doing this, going with her to the supermarket etc and doctors/hospital appointments.
Again my other carees, some get home care, but needing or wanting help to go out the house, they won’t provide, you have to pay for it yourselves, alright if you are well off, my carees aren’t.

Needs appropriate treatment help and support for PTSD which is clearly the GP’s responsibility but won’t refer to Mental health services, doesn’t believe in all this mental illness.

Have approached other GP’s, its a multi GP practise but there just seems to be a general attitude not to refer, costing the GP practise money i don’t know.

I have talked to Rethink who say that my caree should be on the Care Programme Approach but needs a referral to Mental health services which the GP won’t provide.

But again it seems to be find the help and support yourselves don’t bother us attitude.

It has been suggested that my caree should change GP’s , that i should change my GP to get better service, but it just seems to be the system, be independent, manage your own conditions, eat healthily, get more exercise, stop drinking, smoking.

There just seems to be so little help these days, Social Services only deal with critical cases, very disabled and then only give a basic care package, don’t do night care, rest you got to sort out yourselves.

The mental health services, seen a few tv programmes, people with long term mental health conditions BPD are just left with little support lurching from one crisis to another, left with family and friends help and thats it.

Just seems to be fight fight fight to get the help you need.

Rethink has fantastic mentel health advocates and know every thing with in it I used them a lot when couldn’t get help for my daugther theyl tell you what you can do . free online chats a lot of mentel health services online theyl help too in getting help needed I’ve been there many times its complex and perplexing at times . all mentel health services are still running but no one can come out to acces people yet I’m afraid but there’s plenty advice ppl to help you’re situation but I can honestly say Rethink was the best for us x

I have talked to Rethink and yes they are fantastic BUT and heres the BUT , Rethink don’t have the contract for advocacy in my area so you can’t get a Rethink advocate , We have MIND but again no advocacy services.

This Postcode lottery again, if my caree moves 40 miles away yes we can get a Rethink Advocate.

We have Advocacy for Social Care Services but it is not Social Care services needed or is it.

Needs a tick on the computer basically all agree that my caree needs Mental Health Services but the GP seems to have the final word.

Mental health is severely lacking in my town.