Just too complicated

Again I have spent all day trying to get some help and support and sort out a number of issues.

I have gone to numerous websites that haven’t been updated, you click on the menu, we don’t do that service anymore.

I have gone to another website who suggests paying for private therapy, the issue here is my caree is paying for private therapy, its not working and we need advice information and support what to do next.

I have contacted another agency who suggests I have a carers assessment, I can have a carers assessments but as the services aren’t available then how will a carers assessment help me to access services that don’t exist.

I have been told to complain about the doctor yes I can complain about the doctor but is this the GP or mental health services or Social Services who should be sorting this out?

The GP has told me to contact Social Services but all social services do is send carers out, what’s that got to do with an adult survivor of child abuse.

I need unpaid carer help and support, advice on how to get proper therapy, is this the GP, Mental health services, Social Services, I don’t know?

I need people to answer the phone, answer emails properly not just signpost me onto places I have already contacted

which is a waste of my time as well as theirs.

No wonder people commit suicide.

You need an easy one stop shop, one phone call and everything sorted, not weeks/months/years of contacting, waiting, sending around in circles.

Londonbound, I don’t have any answers but really feel your frustration. It was difficult enough before the virus struck. Now everyone who needs advice and care are 2nd, 3rd, 4th class behind coronavirus victims. Surely, non-virus suffers should be afford some level of care. The NHS & social care shouldn’t be exclusively for one disorder.

Did you not say recently that you were stepping back from some of this LB?

For your own sanity if nothing else.

My main caree died last year so I am not doing as much physical caring but I am still unpaid caring, learned today about a service that I should have been told about years ago.
Very upset and angry about these signposters , they just tell me contact Social Services, I have done, they assess and just refuse you all help and support.

Hi Londonbound, I heard a lady talking on tv this morning about a charity that offers peer support- that is a chat with someone who has gone through the same thing as you. She was mostly talking about bereavement this morning re covid but I just googled the term peer support and came up with this link on turn to us so maybe something on here of help?