I give up depressed carer

After yet another attempt at trying to get some help and support, I have been sent around the houses for years, Mental Health Services, Social Services and the GP.
I have decided to give up trying to get help.

I contacted a local service, trying to get some help, but I have to be referred by the GP, the GP has refused me as he feels that Social services are better to help me-unpaid carer
Do Social Services deal with unpaid carer depression and anxiety NO, surely it is the Mental Health Services who deal with depression and Anxiety NO. But no I have talked to Mental Health Services who reckon as I am an unpaid carer I should contact Social Services.
But Social Services have said I should contact the GP in the first place.

These people all need locking in a room and they should discuss and co ordinate proper help and support for me but no they just send me round in circles.
Or perhaps they just need locking in a room and throw away the key.

These are major organisations, The Gp, its a big practise about 40 staff, The Mental Health Services and Social Services, employing hundreds of qualified skilled trained people getting paid good salarys.

But they cannot resolve a simple unpaid carer issue, I am depressed and anxious and an unpaid carer, I need treatment help and support, its not rocket science.

All these have signed up for the carers strategy to ensure Yorkshires unpaid carers are properly helped and supported.
But cannot co ordinate themselves to decide who should help?

Are you attached to a carers organisation. The one I am linked up to provide counselling services.

The local carers centre refuse to help, like another member on this forum.