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I have both my disabled parents living with me now as they cannot look after themselves i had to give up work ,im lucky enough to own my house so no mortgage to pay …i was just wondering if i could get any help with heating as both parents feel the cold so my central heating is on all the time also wondering if i could get a discount on my council tax any advice much appreciated thanks


You can read about the Winter fuel payments and other heat related payments here:

If your parents are living with you now, too disabled to look after themselves, then they should be giving you most of their income, pension and disability benefits! Care home fees start at about £600, nursing homes £1,000 EACH! They would have to pay all their costs if they were still at home. They should also be making up your wages.


They do pay their way im now getting carers allowance for one of them and im waiting for attendance allowance

@Kazhaz as your Mum gets DLA she will also get £150 Cost of living payment that can be used towards the heating.


Does either parent have dementia?

My dad has a vascular diagnosis

This article may be of help re. Council Tax

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