What happens when the Carer gets sick

Lack of sleep in my opinion is one of the biggest contributors to the deterioration in the mental and physical wellbeing of unpaid carers. This morning is the first time in 4 days I have had 6hrs of broken sleep. There seems to be little or no recognition of the damage being done to unpaid carers. Maybe time for Carers UK to do some research into this issue and campaign for a solution.

Hi Norman,

I totally empathise with lack of sleep. S goes through phases of not sleeping well - and when he is awake he vocalises - meaning I can’t sleep either. Sleep deprivation is grim and makes caring and coping so much harder. The effect is cumulative too.


The council etc do recognise lack of sleep can damage carers health but do not provide any kind of night carer respite, just too expensive.

I asked about night care for my caree, was quoted £260 a night, the care agency was very keen to start, could start tonight if i wanted.

£260 a night, some people don’t even earn £260 a week so how are you supposed to afford it? unless you are very rich.