Carers health worsening

Found this from Carers UK posted on facebook yesterday
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Hopelessness , despair , destitution … the current state of CarerLand.

14 million now below the Official Poverty Line … and increasing quicker than a mere three years ago.

Universal Credit … only 1 in 10 manors infected … 4,000+ foodbanks … number when the whole country is covered ?

Number of food parcels issued … 1.6 million now … 3 / 4 … even 5 million by 2021 ?

Still , the annual CUK survey results are due before long.

I wonder what they will reveal … as if we didn’t know already.

" Difficult times " … such platitudes are to be expected !

Usual portrayal of a world that hardly any of us see or experience ?

Health … eat / heat / roof … any connection when half the carer army do their daily juggling act ???

Not to be outdone … again … extract from the Carers Trust site :

Carers’ health and wellbeing

In a survey, carers providing more than 50 hours of care per week are twice as likely to report ill-health as those not providing care.

Carers providing high levels of care were associated with a 23% higher risk of stroke.

17% of carers who had taken a break of more than a few hours experienced mental ill-health compared to 36% of carers who did not have such a break since beginning their caring role.

Shall I ask the question ?

… And … ???

Surveys … and more surveys … yet more … and … what’s the point if action is never taken ???

On that point , BOTH our supporting organisations clam up.

" We’re charities … not in our remit ! "

Do we really need lectures in the bleeding obvious ???

Go find some academics / suits to talk to , just leave us alone ?

We KNOW how things are in CarerLand … we survive daily in it !

Patronising words or … food parcels ?

Quess which is the most welcomed ???

( And , NO … you can’t phone a friend ! )