What a shambles with the NHS Staff last night

Well, what else can I say about last night other than a shambles. I had to take mum to the out of hours gp last night. Been to the hospital 3 time since early hours of Sunday morning with mum being ill. There’s some underlying infection in mum which was trigging off TIA symptoms. The out of hours gp sent us to one of the wards instead of A&E as this ward is like a overflow unit for A&E. Anyway mum was triage and were told there would be a wait as they were busy with backlog of people needing to be on wards, no porters helping out, as at 1 point 3 nurse took several people to x-ray. While waiting I did ask how long as I still had dad on his own and have to still look after him as well as mum. When I went for a second time to ask, mum started to have TIA symptoms, took her to see the staff, they saw it happing, put us to one side in a cubicle and the doctor would see her next after just finishing something off. Well we were forgotten as even the ward sister said to one of the nurses as they were moving bed and we’re going to put a bed in where we were oh I forgotten she was there. I was going to ask as mum was getting worst when the doctor went past us with someone else who was waiting to be seen like us off some where. I was just going to ask the staff but it was likea desert island. I made the decision to take mum home for safety reasons. I did phone the ward and told them. Now waiting for a gp to contact us to see what to do next.


Sorry to say the NHS is crumbling. Time to complain to your MP perhaps? Highlight the issues and it might ‘kick some a*ses’…

Hope Mum is getting some intervention from GP now and that Dad is OK. How are you coping with time for YOU and getting some rest? If GP has not yet been, perhaps you could point out that you cannot deal with two of them 24/7 without more help. GP has a duty of care to you as well as them.

Not easy but sometimes you need to have a loud voice in order to be heard.

Hope things go a bit better.

I have complained to the hospital board. I am going to write to both MP and am. Dad is OK thanks. Had a right fiasco at the hospital again and no doctor saw mum at all, only now at 8.30pm after getting some food for us did the doctors asked to see her but had to say no as I was nearly asleep at the wheel. Apart from TIA symptoms mum started to bleed bright blue liquid from her nose. God knows what is going on with her.

Maybe go private. Hugs.

@Michael_1910123 Blue liquid from her nose suggests something pretty serious is going on and most likely means that there isn’t enough oxygen getting into her system. Contact the hospital asap.

I agree with @Charlesh47 - can be very serious. Is there any indication of cyanosis? (pale blue tinge to lips or around finger nails) If there is then an emergency and you should call 999 as that indicates low oxygen levels in blood and she needs immediate help.

Well mum gone to hospital with focal seizures but also check everything else out. The blue liquid turned out to be a tablet that she takes some how got stuck in her nose and disloved in her.

On thank God it was something as simple as a tablet - that must have been so worrying for you.

At least now she should be getting the care she appears to desparetley need.


Thanks, yes a worry. It turns out that she might have heart failure but until the heart team seen her we will not be sure. The nurses stopped the OTs from sending her before she had seen someone